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Sun Warrior

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From the Land of the Rising Sun

Williams Interactive Software has acquired a reputation in the market for innovative games, featuring stunning artwork, based around simple but classic themes, and Sun Warrior is no different: although the animation may seem a little dated next to some of its licensed rivals, it is a well illustrated and sophisticated traditional 5 reel slot, that features some well documented large payouts, as any search of online videos will attest.


The Basic symbols of the game are those of the suits from playing cards, rendered in a metallic style. Other symbols have a very Eastern feel to them, being the lantern, the koi carp, the lucky coin, the fan, and the lotus flower, as well as jade statues and traditional temples. The eponymous Sun Warrior lady , who appears in the introductory screen in front of crossed swords, functions as the Bonus trigger symbol, and will award both multipliers and free spins when she appears in combinations. Three Bonus symbols awards  five times the total bet, and 8 free spins; 4 awards 10 times the bet and 15 free spins, while five Bonus symbols scattered about the reels awards a 20x multiplier, as well as 40 free spins. Since these can be retriggered, Sun Warrior has the potential to reward the lucky player with a healthy return on their investment.


There are also Multiplying split symbols that appear randomly across the reels, and function as multipliers: during a standard game, these are worth 8x, rising to 12x during a Free Spin.

Spinning reels

Sun Warrior features three lines and 5 reels, with a potential 50 pay lines, as well as a potential Bonus for playing at the maximum bet. It can be played for as little as 1c per line, however, making it a great entry slot for the penny player: while the casino based version did win fans for its interactive touch screen, the online version has definitely advanced the popularity of the title, as well as allowing for developments on the front of animation. The Bonus rounds do not trigger very frequently, but when they do, these are worth writing home about.

Williams Software has a stable of good, smoothly performing slot titles that build on what the market finds popular: the imagery of feudal Japan has always been one such theme, and Sun Warrior is one of the leading titles to feature this. While it is not always available, certainly in free to play form, in many places, it is a popular addition to almost every online casino, and with good reason. Its easy to play layout, clear Bonus structure, and large potential accumulating Free Spin rounds mean that anyone can play, and possibly win big. A feature of Williams games is that spins can be activated at the very lowest of your balance, giving you the chance to buy in for a low initial amount, and raise your wager as you win. There really are some very good reasons to check out Sun Warrior!

Roman Chariots

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Roman Chariots the First Supercharged Reel Game to go Online

Roman Chariots is a five reel game with twenty pay lines. The player will also see three smaller reels in yellow, blue and orange set above the main one. These are the Supercharged reels introduced by the creative developer WMS Gaming. Roman Chariots is the first of the Supercharged reels slots game WMS has produced for the online market.

The Theme Is Of the Old Roman Sport Of Chariot Racing

The background of the game is Ancient Rome, with the chariot racing of the title, and horses and Roman soldiers, and the wealthy citizens of the Roman Empire who watched the races. Even the reels are set against an illustration of Roman soldiers.

The main symbols are crossed swords, a shield, a breast plate and soldier’s helmet, the Charioteer himself and the horse. The lower value symbols are the standard playing cards, from 10 through to Aces. The Wild symbol is the Charioteer himself, and it can appear stacked on reels two, three and four. With these Wild symbols the Supercharged reels come into play.

Supercharged Reels an Innovative Addition

The Supercharged reels is a bonus type feature o n which the player is awarded a set of spins on a separate set of reels, and depending on which set of reels the player uses and puts into play, any winning combination that appears will greatly increase in value because of a multiplier attached to the reels.

If the player lands on the Stacked Wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4, the smaller reels on top of the main reels will be activated. Every time the player hits consecutive Stacked Wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4, the smaller reels linked to that reel will earn a multiplier. Up to five times multipliers can be won. The Wilds will transform from the main reels on to the respective mini reels.

The mini reels only spin when the player hits the free spin symbol on main reel five. Then all three sets of smaller reels spin five times, and give the player more chances of payouts. The smaller reels go back to their original form when you hit the Reset button. The Reset button appears on reel five, together with the green Spin button, which also awards some benefits.


Free Spins Round Available

If the player hits the Bonus symbol anywhere on the main reels, he will be awarded at least eight free spins. In addition, the Reset button is removed during the free spins feature, so all sorts of exciting events can be activated, with no Reset button to put an end to them. All payouts won during the free spins round will also be multiplied by two.

It will be possible to trigger an even bigger multiplier whenever the player finds a special Spin symbol on the end reel. This will reveal a multiplier of its own, which will increase the already large multiplier attached to the Supercharged reels. The Spin button will allow the player one free spin, with each of the multipliers in play.

Roman Chariots is not a traditional slots game at all, as WMS Gaming gives players the possibility of some great wins with a spin of one of the Supercharged reels.

Raging Rhino slot

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A Quick Guide To Raging Rhino Slot

Williams Interactive is well known for producing games that span over a number of different themes. Each game is specifically designed to support its chosen theme and is able to offer players a wide range of fantastic graphics and features that work hand in hand with the theme. This is evident in titles such as Raging Rhino slot online game. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Africa, this game features some of the continent’s most beloved species, including the likes of crocodiles, gorillas, leopards and of course, the rhino after which the game is named.

Raging Rhino’s Basic Structure

When it comes down to it, Raging Rhino slot game has a structure that is incredibly easy to understand. It has six reels with four rows containing symbols, so it’s nothing that players haven’t seen before. However, the difference with this particular game is that players are able to reap the rewards of forming winning combinations across adjacent reels. In other words, this game offers players 4096 different ways to win. This is quite an impressive number for players to be able to delve into this game with, as it is sure to serve them in good stead along the way and may result in plenty of winnings an any online casino in NZ.

The Game’s Symbols

Raging Rhino slot game has some fantastic graphics and animations. For one, when players spin the reels, the game immediately expands to fill the background. Before any spins, they are able to look out onto a sun-baked African landscape. The symbols that this game makes use of are, of course, in line with what the game’s theme is. The lower value symbols are represented by traditional card symbols such as nines, tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. However, the higher value symbols are represented by an array of Africa’s most beloved creatures such as baboons and rhinos.

The wild symbol, which can stand in for any other symbol missing from a winning combination, is represented by a sun setting behind a tree. It must be noted, however, that this symbol only appears on the second and fifth reels. On the other hand, in order to activate the extra feature game, players need to look out for the big, sparkling diamond.


Free Spins Games

The big, sparkling diamond mentioned above acts as Raging Rhino slot game’s scatter symbol. This triggers the extra feature game, which allows for players to benefit from a number of free spins, the exact amount of which is dependent on how many of these diamonds they were able to spin. Three diamonds equate to eight free spins, four to 15, five to 20, and the maximum of six diamonds will see players being rewarded with 50 free spins.

Raging Rhino slot game online is ideal for players of every level as it is a fairly easy game to understand. This means that even if players are just starting out and learning the ropes of online casino games, or if they have been playing for years, this game is sure to have something on offer for them.

Mystical Unicorn slot

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Mystical Unicorn Slot Review

Mystical Unicorn slot is a very popular video slot that was released a number of years ago by Williams Interactive Software for brick and mortar casinos. Banks of these slots could be found throughout the world on casino floors, attracting people with pretty graphics and a fantasy theme.  Mystical Unicorn slot has gone through a number updates and rereleases, but remains at its core the same video slot that came onto the market so many years ago.

On the face of it this is simply another WMS G+ Deluxe title, featuring the same backbone and concepts as many other WMS slots. The symbols all look drawn by the same artist; the cabinet lighting is the same as is the rather cheesy voice over. The key to this Deluxe 5×4 range is the huge range of paylines now available, going all the way up to a whopping 100 paylines for even more possible win combinations.

Mystical Unicorn Familiar Feel

The layout and feel to this slot may be familiar to you, which would not be surprising as this is simply another skin over WMS usual slot backbone. Dark reels set off prettily designed graphics, which look good enough to hang on a small girl’s room wall. The buttons and information at the bottom of the screen has the familiar gold highlight to it, with the buttons themselves being in blue. The brick and mortar machine has two screens, the top one being for the games title and paytable, and the lower one for the reels and all the action. The bottom screen is a touch screen interface and the graphics are high definition 3D.

Theme and Symbols

The fantasy theme to this slot will really appeal to the ten year old girl in you. It does have a bit of a split personality. On one hand a bunch of the symbols look like they come from a wonderland-esque theme, with bunnies, an attractive maiden, mushrooms and the like. The second bunch of symbols look almost Arthurian; medieval castles and a grinning goateed man with a hunting bow that looks a lot like Robin Hood. The last symbol is of course the glowing white unicorn of the games title. The base symbols are the regular ones from many other WMS games, namely the suites from a deck of poker cards made out to look like jewels.


Special Features of Mystical Unicorn

Mystical Unicorn slot has a few special features to report, but not as many as newer video slots. The two main symbols to look out for on the reels are the Castle scatter and the glowing Unicorn Wild. The unicorns can replace any other symbol in the game except for the Castle scatters. The scatters themselves will set off the free spins feature should you find three or more of them anywhere on the reels. Three castles will grant you ten free spins and increase the chance of Wild Unicorns. Four scatters will get you twenty free spins, and five scatters will get you the games maximum fifty free spins.

Lady of Egypt slot

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Lady of Egypt Slot Online from WMS

This another slot game themed toward the model of Ancient Egypt. Fortunately this one is developed by Williams Interactive who pride themselves in their thematically sound online slot games. So they should, for despite the fact that this is an online version of a land based slot and as such doesn’t have the greatest graphics, the theme and all the contributing factors towards it are solid and create a fun and interactive atmosphere.

The arrangement of pay lines and reels in this Lady of Egypt slot are rather unique, with theoretically 9 reels plus an interesting jackpot reel. This makes for some really rather interesting gameplay, especially when the bonus features are taken into account. The bonuses available here are obviously including that aforementioned jackpot reel but go further to encompass a selection of reel multipliers plus some free spins and a Wild symbol. The betting availability is pretty much standard, without being overwhelming or neglecting.

Visual Layout and Gameplay of this Slot

So the Ancient Egyptian theme has been done enough now for the basic structure to be rather self-explanatory. However, in classic WMS fashion, this slot’s theme is definitely dressed to the nines. With all the slot factors pulling together players will definitely feel the atmosphere of the game while they play Lady of Egypt slot. The reels in particular are worth a solid gander as WMS have done a few rather unique things with this setup.


The way these reels work is that there are 9 reels plus a jackpot reel, each are 3 symbols in height. All the reels spin collectively, however there is a floating frame that hangs above them and steadily move from the left most side to the right as wins are landed. This allows for some interesting wins that grow the more wins occur. As this progresses along there are multipliers that are awarded to help grow the wins. After 4 successive wins the jackpot reel will begin to spin, offering players a shot at the big wins, including a Progressive Jackpot much like a world championship pot in mobile poker.

The symbols adorned on this unique reels are all creatively designed and of course themed appropriately. They include symbols like the Ankh, Reaping Hook, Crossed Flail, Cleopatra, Anubis and even a Snake with a Crown. They are rather familiar as popular symbols for this theme but WMS have designed and displayed these symbols well, making Lady of Egypt a really immersive experience.

Bonuses Attributed to Lady of Egypt Slot

Apart from the jackpot reel that is available after 4 wins in a row on these different reels and can award a progressive jackpot, there are Wilds and even some free spins. The Wild symbol in Lady of Egypt is represented simply by a ‘Wild’ symbol on the reels and can help to form winning combinations which could help to move players toward that jackpot reel.

A golden Horus Pendant provides the Scatter bonus of this online slot game. Land 3 or more of these shiny symbols and win at the least 8 free spins. In a progressive slot like this one these free spins may just be the golden ticket to the win.

King of Africa slot

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King of Africa Slot Review

A WMS game, the King of Africa slot is set in the wide, wild savannahs of a continent that has fascinated and beguiled explorers for millennia. The online slot features five reels, 20 paylines, and bonus games.

The bonus games include free spins and the Hot Hot Penny feature, while another special feature of the game is its Wild symbol.

The King of Africa Reels

Set against long grass and a sky lit by a setting sun, the reels of King of Africa slot feature some of the continent’s most famous mammals, as well as other symbols that tie in with the theme.

The animal symbols include a lion, a leopard in a tree, an impala, a zebra, and an elephant, while the other symbols include a shield with crossed spears, and a necklace of teeth and beads.

The bonus symbols include a thorn tree silhouette and the game logo.


Game Logo Wild Symbol

The King of Africa slot logo is the Wild symbol. Its most important function in the online slot is to substitute for all other reel symbols except the thorn tree silhouette.

By substituting for other symbols, the Wild is able to help complete pay table combinations for more payouts.

Thorn Tree Feature Symbol

The silhouette of the thorn tree is a striking symbol of the wilds of Africa, and in King of Africa, the symbol is the Feature symbol that triggers the game’s free spins round.

Players will receive an initial eight free spins when three or more of the thorn tree symbols appear on the reels. The number of free spins can be increased by playing the Pick Me mini game.

In the mini game, players will need to select between three and five tiles; the number they pick based on how many Feature symbols triggered the round. Depending on which tiles are selected, players could receive between one and 30 more free spins.

The King of Africa free spins round will begin once the Pick Me game is over.

A bonus feature that forms part of the free spins round is an additional expanding Wild symbol in the form of a giraffe. The additional Wild symbol will appear on the reels with every spin during the free spins round.

Hot Hot Penny Feature

Another feature of the King of Africa slot are the Hot Hot Penny Respins. The feature will be activated when two of the thorn tree Feature symbols appears on the reels.

Two aren’t enough to trigger the free spins feature, but with Hot Hot Penny, the reels on which the Feature symbols landed will remain static while the other reels will be respun twice. Depending on which symbols land on the respun reels, players could trigger the free spins round after all, or even win the base game jackpot.

Look and Feel

In King of Africa slot, WMS has created a game that offers lush graphics, smooth animations, and a great soundtrack.

The graphics and illustrations tend to be in a more cartoonish style than drawn to life, and include a number of iconic elements such as the thorn tree and the shield and spears. The percussion-based soundtrack captures the spirit of the music of countless tribes.


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Glitz Video Slot Review

Glitz is a pretty unique video slot from Williams Interactive Software. The slot boasts a very different reels structure, featuring five reels and sixty paylines, but reels one and two have only two rows while reels three four and five have four rows. This adds up to a huge amount of paylines, but does also mean that Glitz is quite an expensive slot to play due to that same amount of paylines.

Glitz is a part of the Money Burst Series of slots from WMS Gaming, and has caused quite a stir in the online world. Originally a brick and mortar slot machine, the game was redeveloped for the online audience where it shot to stardom pretty fast due to its unique layout and good wins.

Glitz Glitzy Feel and Symbols

Glitz doesn’t really have a theme as in the same way that other slots do. There are no theme based character symbols, or picturesque backdrop. What Glitz does have is a peek at what you may obtain should you become a high rolling winner. The overall feel is one of glitziness, no surprises there. The symbols are gemstones, all sparkly and nicely cut.

The reels are neat, with a plain gradient red background. The buttons at the bottom are not WMS’s usual gold with blue and rounded edges, but instead this time are a light gold gradient and black, and look very classy. This is definitely a classy slot. All information is neatly laid out and easy to understand.

The symbols in Glitz are pretty much all gemstones. Green ones, blue ones, gold ones, you name it. There is also a gigantic jewel Wild that replaces all other gems on the reels, and a golden coin scatter symbol that cannot be replaced by the gigantic jewel wild.


Glitz Bonus Feature

The bonus feature in Glitz is the games main attraction, and can be launched in three different ways. These are a tad complex due to the unique reel layout. The first way is to land four matching symbols on the left, smaller reels and three coin scatters on the bigger right reels. This will award you with twenty free spins. The symbols on the left will be held for the duration of the free spins, which increases you chances of winning on every spin.

The second way to launch the free spins bonus is to land three scatter coin symbols on the bigger right reels, and nothing on the left. This will award you five free spins, and the chance to pick from a selection of jewellery boxes to reveal a symbol that will replace those on the left, and be held for the duration of your five free spins.

The third way to launch the feature is to find four matching symbols on the left, and nothing on the right. This will also award five free spins, and again those symbols will be held in place during your five free spins.  Landing three or more scatter symbols on the right during this feature will add five more spins to your total number.

Bruce Lee Dragons Tale

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Bruce Lee Dragons Tale Online Slot Reviewed

Bruce Lee Dragons Tale is the sequel to the original Bruce Lee video slot. The game is an online slot by WMS Gaming and features an interactive and immersive theme based on the famous master of martial arts. The visuals are a mix of Bruce Lee’s films and martial art moves and includes Chinese style graphics and sound effects. The symbols are images of Bruce Lee doing various martial art moves like a leg kick and block punch as well as nun chucks; a throwing star; a Chinese temple; the Bruce Lee Dragons Tale logo and the yin yang symbol. There are also the high valued playing cards which are decorated in a Chinese theme.

Bruce Lee Dragons Tale video slot game has four sets of reels that are five by three setups. The game features eighty pay lines in total and a variety of features like transferring wilds; scatters; free spins; multipliers and more. The betting levels range from values of 0.04 up to 2.00 as the game works on a two pay line per bet system. The highest paying symbol is the slot game’s logo which pays out 400 coins when five land consecutively on a reel set, the multi-pay feature does however give an opportunity to increase this.

Bruce Lee’s Super Multi-Pay Feature

The Bruce Lee Dragons Tale super multi-pay feature consists of four different reel sets. Each reels set has twenty pay lines each which makes up the total of eighty pay lines. The main reel set is a five reel by the three row setup and the other three are the same just much smaller and situated on the right hand side of the screen.

When the mobile pokies bet is placed and the reels are spun only the main reel set spins. If any wild or scatter symbols appear they will transfer onto the same positions on the smaller reel sets. The second, third and fourth reel sets will then commence spinning while those symbols remain. All of the reel sets then pay out for any winning combinations that land.


Wild Symbol and Free Spin Features

The Bruce Lee Dragons Tale logo symbol is the wild symbol which helps to form winning combinations by standing in as a substitute for any of the symbols except the scatter symbol. When a wild appears on the main reel set it replicates itself onto the other three reel sets.

The scatter symbol is represented by the yin yang symbol and when it appears three, four or five times on one reel set the Bruce Lee Dragons Tale free spins bonus round is triggered. Ten free spins are awarded regardless of whether three; four or five scatter symbols appear and on which reel set they appear on but a multiplier is awarded depending on the number of reel sets triggering the free spins. If any three or more scatters appear during a free spin another set of ten free spins are awarded.

One; two; three or four reel sets award multipliers of 3x; 6x; 9x or 12x respectively and if a wild symbol lands in any position on the main reel set, wilds are transferred to positions on the other reel sets.

Cyrus the Virus slot

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Disinfecting Computers with Cyrus the Virus Slot

This slot is clearly infected with the worst kind of virus, and it seems they’ve named the virus too. Cyrus the Virus slot is another slot game from Yggdrasil gaming and carries with it their theme ideologies and good graphics. There are interesting slot symbols that infect the reels, some cool sound effects that infect the ears and some decent wins that can effect the balance. These and more make this a solid slot, plus there’s a few fun bonuses including a top jackpot symbol that can turn Wild, expand and award free spins. It’s disinfectant time with Yggdrasil gaming.

The Visual Experience with this Online Slot

Cyrus the Virus slot is a rather intriguing slot experience since the theme is something different from most. The colour scheme of this slot is bright and omnipotent, infecting the reels and the viruses upon them. There are sounds that tie in here to make the reels sound more authentic and the virus culling to sound a little more satisfying.

The symbols on the reels of this slot are designed quite well, and as such may even have players emapthising with the smaller, cuter looking viruses thereupon. The key is to not fall in love with these symbols however as they are destined to grow into the uglier, more intimidating but also more lucrative viruses. There are several different coloured viruses that adorn the reels of Cyrus the Virus slot and instigate the winnings. The big multi headed blue virus awards the highest jackpot in the base game with 2500 coins. The smaller wins are made up of the numbered symbols that stand for the coding that the virus are trying to eat. Definitely a bit of a battlefield on these reels.

Betting with this slot is also quite easy as there are 10 adjustable pay lines and up to 12 different coin denominations to choose from. These start at 0.1 and go up till 4 so players can bet as low as 0.1 and as high as 40 coins for a spin.

Expanding Wilds and a Free Spin Feature

The remarkable thing about this slot is that it pays in both directions, that is from left to right and vice versa. This is one the reasons for the reels stopping after a spin the way they do. First the outer reels stop, than reels 2 and 4 and finally the middle reel comes to defining halt, ensuing which wins will be hopefully awarded.

There is another reason the middle reel stopping last on this Cyrus the Virus slot game. That is, Cyrus himself. This bad virus is also the aforementioned blue, win multi headed casino jackpot, awarding 2000 coins. He will randomly appear in the centre reel of this slot and appear as an expanded Wild that consumes the whole 3rd reel. This also awards players a single free respin, with the expanding Wild in place. Definitely a chance to get some decent jackpots with this virus and the multi directional combinations.